Provider Handbook

Check Out Our Provider Handbook

The Prime Provider Handbook is issued upon joining our national PPO network. The Provider Handbook is a supplement to the Participating Provider Agreement, which can be located by clicking here.
The Provider Handbook welcomes you into our network and offers information on processes that aren’t fully addressed in the provider agreement. Processes such as identifying covered persons, how and to whom a claim should be submitted and how to file a dispute are all located in the handbook. As you know each PPO network you join has a slightly different method of performing these necessary tasks and our Provider Handbook will guide you through these steps.

In addition to these processes, the Provider Handbook provides a history of Prime Health Services and information regarding pre certification/utilization review of services and our credentialing and re-credentialing programs.

Lastly, but equally as important, the Provider Handbook explains the process of how to either download the complete Prime Client Directory or how to have this directory sent via e-mail each month to you.