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Renovo Bill Review Software | Renovo Claims Review Software

Never has medical repricing software been so comprehensive and easy to use.

<p>Renovo System has reached a new horizon by linking two repricing product lines into one program. Only with Renovo System can Auto Liability and Group Health all be repriced within one software package. Built with small to medium sized businesses in mind, medical bill repricing and claims repricing has never been so easy to use.</p> <p> </p>

Efficient Auditing: What software program reviews bills for possible errors?

<p>Prime Health Services has built an easy-to-use system called Renovo that can be utilized for group health claims review, for auto liability bill review, for corrections claims when an inmate needs off-site medical care, and for workers’ compensation bill review. Renovo not only reviews bills for possible errors like duplicate detection, current coding edits, and industry specific adjustments but applies real-time PPO discounts.</p> <p>Our technology ensures accurate payment is made on all bills of all types and sizes and successfully saves the maximum dollar amount without jeopardizing the patient’s care.</p> <p>Renovo System is the innovative solution to medical claims reviewing and repricing. Prime Health Services offers a streamlined bill review process while lowering your loss adjustment expenses and claim severity. Efficiency is automatic with seamless bill review technology that is backed by one of the industry's most authoritative databases for fee schedules in all 50 states.</p> <p><strong>PRIME</strong><strong>renovo will provide you confidence in medical bill / claims review.</strong></p>