Dorrence Stovall, VP of Strategic Alliances for Prime Health Services

Joining the AAPAN Southeast Region Board of Directors is Dorrence Stovall, Vice President of Strategic Alliances. Prime Health Services remains committed to involvement in our industry and is pleased to announce a member of our leadership team will be supporting this effort.

Mr. Stovall has nearly thirty years of healthcare industry experience and holds an MBA in Healthcare Administration. His career spans from medical center administration, network development, and leading national recruitment and development efforts for a number of top industry organizations.

Dorrence has served Prime Health Services in a variety of management positions for 15 years, currently overseeing strategic relationships with network partners and working with our distribution department to further expand the national Prime Health preferred provider network.

“I look forward to working with committee members to help set public policy goals, create synergies that will improve performance, and identify important issues to address in the industry,” states Dorrence Stovall, VP of Strategic Relationships for Prime Health Services.

Brian Sharp, CEO/President, adds, “Prime Health Services is a long-standing member of the AAPAN. We believe in being active in organizations that provide an integrated voice for networks, payers, networks, and managed care for the betterment of the people we serve, as well as the industry as a whole.”

The American Association of Payers, Administrators, and Networks (AAPAN), formerly known as AAPPO, is the leading national association unifying the unique business needs of the commercial health and workers’ compensation markets so that both may more effectively provide patient access to appropriate, quality health care.