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National PPO Network

When accidents happen.

<p>Despite an employer’s best efforts to provide a safe work environment, workplace mishaps happen. When an incident occurs where health care is necessary, finding affordable and accessible care can be a challenge.</p> <p>Our preferred provider network of more than 800,000 medical providers includes facilities, hospitals, specialists, and other health care services that have committed to taking workers’ compensation cases. With the unique understanding of requirements to treat workers’ compensation injuries, our credentialed medical providers provide quality care to help employees return to work and get back to living their healthy life.</p>

What if you could customize your network of medical providers?

<p>When it comes to customization, we are second to none. We run daily client reports that identify out-of-network providers on the last day’s claim run. This list is sorted by dollar amount and frequency of claim and then delivered to our network development team. Those professional contracting specialists work to quickly get the provider contracted into our national PPO network. Customization is what we are known for. No other network has committed the resources or shown the same level of expertise when it comes to medical network customization.</p>

Looking for friendly connections and cost effective rates?

<p>Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, our staff serves up a dose of Southern hospitality. We take pride in our positive work relationships with clients and providers. The Prime Health PPO Network is full of directly contracted medical providers focused on workers’ compensation allowing a client to focus on optimizing their return-to-work programs at cost-effective rates. Coast to coast coverage in the United States, our 800,000+ providers have the unique understanding of requirements to treat workers’ compensation injuries to help them return to work faster. Put the strength of our PPO network to work for you and your employees.</p>