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Support for Patients & Providers

<p>PRIMEoutcomes, powered by COMT, is an automated health care assessment that measures patient outcomes in certain neuromusculoskeletal injuries or diseases, creates a visual trending report to share with the patient, and aids providers in creating and monitoring treatment plans for effectiveness.</p> <p>Identifying providers based on their overall claims outcomes that promotes positive results along with the overall relationship and communication with the provider is of importance. Through the creation of Prime Health’s outcomes based networks, the goal is to drive total claims costs down as well as improve the overall rapport with the providers within the community of our clients. PRIMEoutcomes is client specific and customizable based on the goals of each organization.</p>

Worker's Compensation

<ul> <li>Reduces time from date of injury to highest level of functional improvement.</li> <li>Enhanced accountability in care management.</li> <li>Visual data to assist in the analysis of treatment and care progression.</li> <li>Elaborated documentation for appropriate utilization of services.</li> </ul>

For Employers

<ul> <li>Provides transparency and reporting capabilities.</li> <li>Assists in marginalizing claims.</li> <li>Improves coordination with providers, group health plans, and employees. </li> </ul> <p>PRIMEoutcomes provides data for evidence-based care which enhances value and quality of care, and supports providers in effectively managing a patient’s function following a musculoskeletal injury.</p>